The Beef Carcass Grading

Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation

All the beef carcasses in Korea are graded by KAPE both in quality and quantity terms before distribution in accordance with the Livestock Production Act.

The quality of beef carcasses is graded into "Grade 1++," "Grade 1+," "Grade 1," "Grade 2" and "Grade 3" based upon characteristics such as marbling, lean color, fat color and maturity. Consumers are using quality grades as a reference when purchasing beef products.

Quantity-wise grading is also applied to beef carcasses. The, so-called, yield grade (A, B, and C) is determined by assessing backfat thickness, ribeye area, carcass weight etc., and the grade serves as an indicator of how much meat can be obtained from a carcass. Distributors are using this quantity grade as a reference in their businesses.

Determination of Beef Carcass Grades

 Grade standard by Marbling

Meat color

Fat color

Grades process