The Pork Carcass Grading

Korea Institute for Animal Products Quality Evaluation

All the pork carcasses in Korea are graded by KAPE both in quality and conformation terms before distribution
in accordance with the Livestock Production Act.

The quality of pork carcasses is graded into "Grade 1+," "Quality Grade 1," "Grade 2" based upon
characteristics such as marbling, lean color, and conditions of belly streaks. Consumers are using the quality
grade as a reference when purchasing pork, although the labelling of pork quality grade is a voluntary requirement for retailers.

Grading on conformation and quantity is also applied to pork carcasses. The, so-called, conformation grade
(A, B and C) is determined by assessing carcass weight, backfat thickness, balance, muscle and fat conditions, finish, etc.

Determination of Pork Carcass Grades

Grade standard by Marbling

Meat color

Process of the Grades